CO2 System

With a 45 year experience in the Marine industry we are able to understand and comply with the important safety regulations that are implemented from time to time, and what they mean for ship owners and operators. These important regulations include the replacement of CO2 hoses according to IMO Regulation MSC.1/Circ.1318 Guidelines for the Maintenance and Inspection of Fixed Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems 6.1.2: “Flexible hoses shall be replaced at intervals recommended by the manufacturer, up to every 10 years” . Depending on the quality of CO2 hoses and their fittings, they are usually very strong, but can deteriorate, and when this happens, the consequences can be severe. A leaking hose can have fatal consequences. We, as a HANSA-FLEX certified assembly center, are very sensitive to everything that safety and human life depend on, which is why we use high quality and certified hoses that are SAE 100R7, MSHA Standard and Lloyd Registered Type Approved.

Technical characteristics: