We deliver the Hydraulic Hose Quality Excellence of Hansa-Flex, through our Certified Assembly Center in Athens, Greece.

HANSA-FLEX is Europe‘s leading systems supplier for all hydraulic requirements. The wide range of products and services make HANSA-FLEX a valued partner to companies in across all industries.

As a full-service provider, we supply our customers with everything they need from a single source: From standard hose assemblies and tubes to power units, hydraulic components or metal hoses. We support our customers through every phase of their projects: From the engineering and prototyping to project planning, installation and commissioning


Our company serves the quality of KTR products through our HANSAFLEX Distribution. 

Because of its straightforward design, the flexible jaw coupling ROTEX Standard, an elastomer coupling with feather keyway, is notably inexpensive. The elastomer coupling hubs are mounted by simply pushing them onto the shafts and using setscrews to secure them axially. KTR coupling ROTEX Standard includes splines that comply with DIN and SAE. Except for standard elastomer couplings we supply jaw couplings with clamping hubs for spline bores. Hydraulic units applied in steering gear, hatch cover and more marine and industrial applications apply KTR couplings.